All toilet brushes present the same health hazards:
Faeces remains caught in the bristles.  Bacteria and germs multiply.  Toilet paper is extremely difficult to get out of the bristles. And that’s not all.
Is this all really HYGIENIC!
The solution: The WC-Cleaning Stick!

– Easy to use
– 100% hygienic
– Antibacterial properties (Biomaster Protected)
– No more dripping or splashing
– Easy mounting: no drilling required
– Small space requirement




Once again, the world is currently on the verge of a pandemic. At the moment there is no antidote to the rapid spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), as vaccines are not available. Hence, people rely on avoiding contact with the virus.

The strategies that are available for this are for the most part ineffective: Face masks are of little use, as viruses predominantly spread via hands and surfaces. Simple disinfection measures are even less effective, as viruses are not living beings, but only consist of chemical building blocks (RNA, DNA) that need living cells to activate their destructive effect.

But the chemical building blocks of the virus are not invulnerable, because they contain sulfur atoms. These react on a chemical level with silver and lead to the irreversible destruction of the viral building blocks. Smallest quantities of silver (silver ions) can be active against viruses on / in surfaces such as the toilet cleaning rod can be used effectively. The effectiveness of nanosilver against viruses has been proven in numerous scientific studies that have been carried out around the world. A research project between the University of Regensburg and the Regensburg company RAS AG recently made a practical contribution.

SUCCESS of Biomaster against corona virus :

Further sources:
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The revolution

This spectacular innovation in WC hygiene will amaze you! Until now faecal residues (excrement) remaining on the bowl after going to the toilet have been removed using a standard toilet brush with bristles or a bristleless toilet brush.
But everyone knows the inherent, even dangerous problems that are associated with this method:
Splashes, drops, unpleasant smell, the unsightly toilet brush and holder/stand, lack of hygiene etc.

This results in the growth of harmful germs and bacteria, both on the toilet brush and in the toilet brush stand/ holder. These pathogens (such as Legionella, E.coli bacteria, Enterococci, etc.) pose a serious threat to health. The main victims are people with a weakened immune system as well as children and babies.

After going to the toilet most people pick up the toilet brush by the handle before washing their hands, therefore possibly transferring a variety of viruses, germs and bacteria to the handle.
During the influenza season, the toilet brush handle can also be contaminated with viruses if the user has sneezed or coughed into their hands.

Each time you use the toilet brush you expose yourself to infection from these pathogens, some of which may be multi-resistant. And remember, harmful germs and bacteria are not really removed when using the toilet brush; they are only spread around the toilet.

None of this has to be the case any longer.

100% Hygienic

Biomaster protected

Depending on the frequency of use, a standard toilet brush should be replaced at the latest after 2 months use. Renowned establishments and hotels even replace toilet brushes at much shorter intervals.

In the future, the WC-Cleaning Stick will set the standard for hygienic cleaning − in private households, hotels, public facilities, hospitals, retirement homes and wherever hygiene and the risk of harmful infection from germs, bacteria and viruses must be minimized.

You can have the benefits of this hygiene revolution in your home.

We commissioned an independent laboratory to test the function and effectiveness of the silver ions in the WC-Cleaning Stick:

Certificate:                 Exponential effect:  

Function of the silver ions

We have successfully integrated this silver ion technology into our WC-Cleaning Stick. The antibacterial finish provides hygienic protection against up to 99.99% of pathogens. Quickly eliminates germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses and prevents new growth. This keeps anyone using the WC-Cleaning Stick safe from infection.

Biomaster has been used very successfully worldwide for more than 10 years in numerous applications in medical and industrial applications. Masterbaches and silver ion based compounds provide antibacterial protection on and in plastics for the entire service life of the product. Unlike organic biocides, silver ions do not migrate out of the plastic.

Silver ions can be used as biocides in accordance with the EU Regulation 528/2012. The Biomaster ingredients used are registered as biocidal products. Our WC-Cleaning Stick is a treated product with antibacterial properties that have been determined according to ISO 22196:2011. The active ingredients are registered with the EPA for use in the USA.


  • Simple to use
  • 100% hygienic to use
  • Antibacterial finish (Biomaster Protected)
  • The silver ions in the WC-Cleaning Stick provide hygienic protection against 99.99% of pathogens
  • No more dripping or splashes
  • Meaning there is no risk of small children coming into contact with faeces, bacteria or other pathogens, unlike with a conventional toilet brush
  • After use, the cleaning TIP is simply ejected into the toilet at the touch of a button and can be flushed away
  • Mounting: – No drilling required.
    The WC-Cleaning Stick has an adhesive mounting, so you have free choice of the location and height from the floor
  • This means that the floor can be brushed or moped without having to move the WC-Cleaning Stick, unlike with a conventional toiler brush
  • Low space requirement (for the TIPS dispenser box and the Toilet Wand)
  • The WC-Cleaning Stick & dispenser box are both recyclable
  • The TIPS are made of cellulose and are recyclable. They may be disposed of in the toilet without clogging up the system.

 5 year guarantee

There has been no really significant and hygienic development in the field of toilet hygiene for decades.
All of products on the market have the same potentially harmful problems: With the toilet brush, the faeces (and toilet paper) get stuck in the bristles and are very difficult to remove; this has very little to do with HYGIENE.

Using a toilet brush usually results in surrounding surfaces, the toilet seat and the floor being splashed. The toilet brush and the brush stand are also the most ideal breeding grounds for dangerous germs and bacteria.

Water dripping form the brush collects in the brush holder and often gives off a highly unpleasant smell. The appearance of a used toilet brush/brush holder is not very inviting.

A toilet brush also carries a high risk of infection from harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.

The solution: The Toilet Wand!

It’s so easy

Step 1

Remove the TIP from the dispenser box by pushing it sideways.

Step 2

Insert TIP into WC-Cleaning Stick by slightly twisting it.
Now you are ready to remove any residues (faeces) in the toilet.

Step 3

Dip the TIP in the toilet water up to half its length (dampen).

Step 4

Wipe from top to bottom several times to remove heavy soiling.

Step 5

After a few seconds, the TIP bends sideways, allowing cleaning to be completed by wiping form side-to-side with the resulting broad contact surface.

Step 6

Eject the TIP by pressing the upper button (similar to a ballpoint pen).

Flush – finished!


The WC-Cleaning Stick is not intended to be used for cleaning the toilet or the rim of the toilet, but for the hygienic removal of faecal residues that could not be removed by flushing immediately after using the toilet. This prevents the growth, spread and risk of infection from harmful bacteria, germs and viruses.

The most effective way to clean the toilet properly is to use a disinfectant, rubber gloves and a sponge, which is thrown away after use. A conventional toilet brush only smears and spreads germs and bacteria around the toilet and increases the number of places where germs and bacteria are able to breed.

Anyone who cannot bring themselves to completely do without a conventional toilet brush can still improve hygiene by using a WC-Cleaning Stick for their daily „business”.