About us

Kurt Falkowski

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Germeroth

GF Martin E. Konietzny

Our idea

We all have to use the toilet every day – whether we like it or not. But each visit to the toilet leaves its mark. And that’s why we have the tried and tested toilet brush (at least most people think so). After the brush has been used, the toilet is left “clean”, or at least it appears to be clean – but no, the toilet brush is no longer clean.

When at a birthday party 2 years ago, the 2 year old son of one of our guests used the toilet brush as a microphone, it also became apparent that our dog sniffed at the toilet brush whenever he had the opportunity, it was clear to us “something had to change”, particularly as we were active in the field of hygiene as part of our profession. We were firmly convinced that we would find what we were looking for on the Internet. So we were searching for something like a “disposable toilet brush”. To our surprise, we found nothing that filled this description. Even suppliers with whom we had talked on this subject could not help.

We probably all still remember the cloth handkerchiefs that our grandparents carried with them and used several times. Today, thank God, the paper handkerchief has replaced the unhygienic cloth handkerchief. We wanted to do something similar with the toilet brush. Because we are all aware of the problems with the toilet brush and the way it is used: Splashes, drops, unpleasant smell, the unsightly and discoloured toilet brush and toilet brush holder. An excellent place for germs and bacteria to breed. Unfortunately, until now there has been no suitable alternative to toilet brushes; that has all changed. After a long cooperative and intensive period of development a new innovation was born – THE WC-Cleaning Stick.

Our competences

Environmental protection, sustainability, “Made in Germany” and the social aspect were our uncompromising concerns in this project right from the start.

The starting point was the 30 years of experience that Kurt Falkowski of Chemtech Herbolzheim had to offer in the hygiene and sanitary sector.
Dipl. Ing. Frank Germeroth of Nordplug Kunststoffwerk supplemented and consolidated the implementation of the innovation with his competence in the field of plastic parts manufacturing.
And last but not least, Martin Konietzny rounded off the development team with his experience in IT, marketing and sales.